Workout Approved: Wreck Bag

Workout Approved: Wreck Bag

We are excited to announce that we’ve been chosen as Ambassadors for Wreck Bag!

Wreck Bag is a revolutionary strength-training weight bag designed to be as tough as its users. It will be essential equipment for us when we are out on the road and want to get a great workout!

-No SAND! The Wreck Bag is made with a proprietary rubber fill eliminating the mess of sand leaks
-Weather, Mold & Mildew Resistant: The Wreck Bag is constructed with a durable polyethylene outer shell made to withstand multiple weather conditions.
-Multifunctional: Use the Wreck Bag for an allover body workout. Access Wreck Bag’s video library for routines that will tone every muscle group.
-Versatile Inside, outside, dorm room, living room, office, gym, Box, hills, runs. Use and take the Wreck Bag anywhere.
-NO Shifting: Unlike a sand bag, the Wreck Bag’s weight is evenly distributed, allowing you to focus on your workout, not on adjusting your bag.
-Surface friendly: No parts of the Wreck Bag will inadvertently harm or scratch surfaces.
-Comfort Wreck Bag’s handles and rubber fill provide shock absorption and a higher level of comfort than sand bags.
-Easy to clean: Wreck Bag can easily be hosed off or wiped down after use to clean away sweat or dirt.

Get your Wreck Bag!

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