Jump Rope Tips

Jump Rope Tips

Jumping rope is a great way to build your coordination, balance, and endurance. Although, for many adults I coach, jumping rope is a stop and go game, with little coordination to be found. How can you start jumping rope like a school girl? Keep it simple! Check out my video and these Do’s and Don’ts for jump rope, and PRACTICE!


  1. Keep elbows close to your body.
  2. Flick your wrists to move the rope.
  3. Practice doing singles at first, to find your rythmn.
  4. Stay light on your toes.
  5. Jump just enough to clear the rope.



  1. Stretch your arms out wide.
  2. Swing the rope using your arms.
  3. Double jump each rep.
  4. Jump so high your knees go above your hips
  5. Jump and land hard, flat-footed.

Jump Rope Do’s & Don’ts – Tutorial


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