How I Created the Life I Dreamed

How I Created the Life I Dreamed

*And keep creating, and keep dreaming*


I dreamed of traveling. Having a business that would allow me to be with my family, and not be stuck in a cubicle or clock-in. Being financially free to go on the adventures I wanted. It’s pretty cool that I made that happen.

We’ve made big moves for our family. Building our business while living full-time in an RV, attending amazing events, and seeing person after person thank us for helping them achieve better health (read testimonies here). Not one day of my life is ever the same!

I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me, and ask the same question, “How did you do it?” They each have different ambitions, but the end goal is to live a life of freedom we inspire.

They say, “I want to retire my husband from the job he hates.”

“I want to be able to travel with my family.”

“I would love to homeschool my child.”

“I would love to have the amount of joy you have in your life.”

“I would love to have a relationship with my husband like you have.”

“I want to help people achieve better health.”

….how do you do it?

Truly, all of my life is founded on my mission. I’ve built an amazing business that shines my true character and heart, and heals and sets people free. I have a virtual franchise with the Juice Plus company, which allows me to create my business without the weight of starting a business from scratch. My husband and I had a losing track record of entrepreneurial endevors, so when he came to me with another business venture, a couple years ago, I was a little skeptical. Becoming more open-minded, I learned overtime this opportunity allows us to start with essentially no risk. We share the most researched nutrition product in the world, in a time in our society and history that people (especially kids) desperately need better nutrition. Having products that saved us from juicing everyday, and allowed us to grow our food without all the work in our garden, made sense to me. I got onboard, then I got all-in!

We shared it, and made a team of amazing people who linked arms with us like families should. Let me tell you about some of these amazing people…they welcome us into their homes, spend holidays with us, share with us their ups and downs, and inspire and motivate us to dig deeper in reaching more people.

Over the course of doing our business part-time for a year and a half, we brought my husband home from a job he disliked, and sold our farm that was costing us more than what we were bringing in. Now we are in the most amazing journey of a lifetime! So many people tell us they would like to do what we do when they retire. Why wait? We love enjoying this freedom in our early 30s, while paying off our debt, and making the best friendships we’ve known in our lives! Plus, our daughter gets to enjoy it with us and worldschool! We all are so happy! It only gets better!

One of the best parts of this mission, is helping other rise up with us.

If I’m speaking to your heart and you would love to explore if your family could get behind this mission, build and create a life YOU dream, and be lead to your own success from our leadership, please contact me. Why live another day, not doing what makes you happy and excited?



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