Healthy Pomegranate Fudge

Healthy Pomegranate Fudge


I love deconstructing classic, heavy desserts and presto, transforming them into healthy treats, instead!

This fudge/bark dessert got a new twist with plant-based cocoa powder, honey, coconut oil, and the star of the show, the racy pomegranate!


2 scoops of Juice Plus+ Complete chocolate

1/2 cup of honey

1/3 cup of melted coconut oil

1 pomegranate


First, how the heck to you open a pomegranate without turning your kitchen into a murder scene? Secret tip: put the pomegranate in a bowl of water! After you wack all around your pomegranate with a wooden spoon, drop it in a bowl of cool water, and slice around the ridges of the pomegranate. Open it up in the water, and the seeds drop to the bottom, and the pulpy skin floats to the top. Drain water, and you’ve got your harvest ready to go, without shooting red juice on your ceiling!

Next, in a mixing bowl, mix together the Juice Plus Complete powder, the coconut oil, and the honey till it’s combined. Then spread it out on a pan, layered with plastic wrap or wax paper. Sprinkle and press the pomegranate seeds into the fudge bark, then pop into the freezer for 45  minutes. Whip it out and slice it up! Keep in the fridge or freezer to keep it’s texture. Makes 6 servings.



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