5 Workouts to Sneak Into Your Day

5 Workouts to Sneak Into Your Day

Sometimes being sneaky is a good, even great thing: sneaking veggies into your kids meals ? (I have the best solution for this), sneaking a love note to your crush ❤, or sneaking up a surprise party for your best friend ?.

Let’s agree that sneaky is just peachy, especially when it comes to your fitness. Some people swear that getting up early and starting a workout before they’ve had a chance to think about what they are doing, is a stellar way to sneak it into your day. I agree, but here are a few simple movements you can sprinkle into your normal routine, to get some extra fitness, even if you miss that early morning wake up to the gym.

1. Wall Sit Brush 

While you’re just standing around brushing your teeth, park yourself against the wall, slowly lower yourself with bent knees to a seated position, and hold that form while you brush your teeth. Set a timer for one minute, and get a thorough clean for your mouth, and a burn for your butt and legs.


2. Dishes Push

If you have a sink full of dishes to hand wash, or need to load the dishwasher, after every dish you clean, do a counter push-up. Plant your hands along the edge of the counter, and perform a push-up while standing, leaning into the counter. This position is a great scaled version of a push-up, which means you can do more reps than pressing yourself up and down from the floor!

3. Mopping Lunge

Sticky floor no more! Mop the floors and do a rep of alternating lunges with each extension of the mop. Keep in mind to finish the Lunge with your knee right above your ankle, and keep a nice straight back while using the mop. Push back up from the bottom of your Lunge through your heal, and back to standing.

4. TV, V-Ups

Don’t just Netflix and chill, through some v-ups in while you’re at it! Every time you finish an episode, or it’s a commercial break, do 10 V-ups. Keep a tight and engaged core, extend your upper and lower body, and bring together in a v-shape. Do it slowly and in control.

5. Pantry Squat 

Unload those grocery bags and stock your shelves while doing squats! Every time you grab an item, squat down to pick up, and then come up out of your squat to a stand to place on a shelf. Remember to lean back on your heals, and keep your chest up while you perform the squat.

Do do you have some sneaky ways to workout throughout your day? Share them with us! Would love to make a whole series about this topic!

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