Tower Garden



The Tower Garden is an Aeroponic growing system, that uses water and air to grow food, vertically. You’re able to grow 20+ plants in 3 feet of space! Which also means…

-No Weeds!
-No Soil!
-No Yard needed!
-Less Pests!
-Grow indoor/outside

The Tower Garden was developped by Tim Blank. If you ever visited the Epcott Center in Disney World, you may have already seen this vision and technology of growing food. Tim’s passion and drive for excellence is very inspiring, and his story gave birth to a revolutionary way for anyone, anywhere to grow up!

Tower Garden is Sustainable, Economical, and Green.

It also uses very little energy to run. Depending on where you live, the electric cost to power a system for a year is $9-15. You’ll also save BIG on your grocery bill.

The findings displayed below were from a study done by the Univeristy of Mississippi, comparing the Tower Garden to their best, super-soil. What benefit stands out the most to you, and why?


Tower Garden Montage from Healthy Living Revolution on Vimeo.

Tower Gardens are versatile to fit a lot of needs for different people. Whether it’s for families, apartments, schools, community organizations, restaurants, gyms, or nurseries, the Tower Garden is a much simpler and cost-effective option than a traditional garden.

Backyard or urban farms, the Tower Garden ships as a complete kit, providing everything you need to get started! You will also find helpful accessories to build your Tower Garden to fit your needs.

Basic Tower Garden systems start off at just $45 a month, and after 12 months, it’s paid off!

How much do you typically spend on produce each month?


If you are spending over $15 a week on produce that you could grow in a Tower, this
investment makes sense, and pays you back with $$$ and better health! If you are spending $50-$60 a week like many families, the Family Garden package with 3 towers and accessories, is your best value.

Where would you put your Tower Garden at home?


Does Tower Garden make sense to you? Reach out to us to place your order, or request more info.

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